Atlantic Blues-(USED) PIANO
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Atlantic Blues-(USED) PIANO
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Great collection & out of print..............
1. Yancey Special- JIMMY YANCY  
2. Talkin' Boogie- JIMMY YANCY  
3. Mournful Blues- JIMMY YANCY  
4. Salute to Pinetop- JIMMY YANCY  
5. Shave 'Em Dry- JIMMY YANCY  
6. Frankie and Johnny- JACK DUPREE  
7. T.B. Blues- JACK DUPREE  
8. Strollin'- JACK DUPREE  
10. Blue Sender- VAN WALLS  
11. After Midnight- VAN WALLS  
12. Roll 'Em Pete- JOE TURNER  
13. 'Fore Day Rider- JAY MCSHANN  
14. My Chile- JAY MCSHANN  
15. Cow Cow Blue- MEADE LUX LEWIS  
16. Albert's Blues- MEADE LUX LEWIS  
17. Honky Tonk Train Blues- MEADE LUX LEWIS  
18. Low Society- RAY CHARLES  
19. Hey Bartender- FLOYD DIXON  
20. Floyd's Blues- FLOYD DIXON  
21. After Hours Blues- TEXAS JOHNNY BROWN  
22. Junco Partner- DOCTOR JOHN  
23. I Don't Know- WILLIE MABON