Barrelhouse Mamas-(USED327) Born In The Alley
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Barrelhouse Mamas-(USED327) Born In The Alley
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Classic piano blues & stomps form the 20's-30's............
1 –Cow Cow Davenport & Ivy Smith State Street Jive
2 –Mary Johnson Dawn Of Day Blues
3 –St. Louis Bessie Meat Cutter Blues
4 –Lucille Bogan Alley Boogie
5 –Lucille Bogan Sloppy Drunk Blues
6 –Lucille Bogan They Ain't Walking No More
7 –Dorothy Baker Steady Grinding Blues
8 Bessie Tucker Fort Worth And Denver
9 Mary Johnson Key To The Mountain
10 –Elzadie Robinson Santa Claus Crave
11 Margaret Thornton Texas Bound Blues
12 –Ida May Mack Good-Bye Rider
13 –Margaret Whitmire T'Aint A Cow In Texas
14 Margaret Thornton Jockey Blues
15 Freddy Brown Whip It To A Jelly
16 Freddy Brown Raised In The Alley Blues
17 Leola Manning Satan Is Busy In Knoxville
18 –Lil Johnson Evil Man Blues
19 –Dorothea Trowbridge Bad Luck Blues
20 –Elizabeth Washington Riot Call Blues
21 –St. Louis Bessie He Treats Me Like A Dog
22 –Mary Johnson Morning Sun Blues
23 –Mozelle Alderson Tight In Chicago