Boogie Kings- Swamp Boogie Blues
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Boogie Kings- Swamp Boogie Blues
[ Jin9046 ]
Price: $15.00
WITH SPECIAL GUESTS LIL BOB- JOHNNIE ALLAN- WARREN STORM & MANY MORE......... 1. Boil the Crawfish DUANE YATES 2. I'm Not a Fool Anymore WAYNE TOUPS 3. Ca Fait Chaud PAT STRAZZA 4. Mathilda COOKIE 5. Promised Land JOHNNIE ALLAN 6. Red, Red, Wine CHARLES MANN 7. I Got Loaded LIL BOB 8. Sweet Dreams TOMMY MCLAIN 9. Kidnapper WARREN STORM 10. Eight Nights a Week WILLIE TEE TRAHAN 11. Opelousas Sostan WILLIE TEE TRAHAN 12. Cherry Pie EVERETT BRADY 13. Hey Baby EVERETT BRADY 14. This Should Go On Forever ROD BERNARD 15. The Cajun Twist DENNIS NORRIS 16. Don't Take It So Hard WILLIE TEE TRAHAN 17. Madame Rene WILLIE TEE TRAHAN 18. It's Raining PAT STRAZZA 19. No More Troubles WARREN STORM 20. I'm Leavin' It All Up to You DALE & GRACE