Aitken Laurel- The Fantastic (BONUS TRACKS)
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Aitken Laurel- The Fantastic (BONUS TRACKS)
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Massive 27 track collection of goodness.........
1. Baby Please Don't Go 
2. Sex Machine 
3. Heile Heile (The Lion) 
4. Chop Chop Rock 
5. Can't Turn Your Back On Me 
6. Since You Left 
7. Do The Boogaloo 
8. Soul Of Africa - Tiger 
9. Dancing With My Baby 
10. Dallas Texas - Tiger 
11. Rock Steady The Gruvy Beats 
12. Reggae Mood The Gruvy Beats 
Bonus Tracks
13. I‘ll Never Love Any Girl (The Way I Love You) 
14. Baby I Need Your Loving 
15. Why Can't I Touch You / Guilty - Tiger 
16. Let True Love Begin 
17. Have You Ever Been Hurt - Tiger 
18. The Very Best I Can 
19. Our Day Will Come - Tiger 
20. I Will Never Let You Down 
21. You Send Me / My Girl (As Lorenzo) 
22. It's Too Late 
23. Slow Rock - Laurel Aitken's Band 
24. If There's Hell Below 
25. Just A Little Bit Of Your Loving 
26. Take Me In Your Arms (And Love Me) 
27. Two-Timing Woman