Barretto Ray- Mysterious Instinct
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Barretto Ray- Mysterious Instinct
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Featuring: Ray Barretto (conga), Chief Bey (conga), Brook Peters (vocal), George Duvivier (bass), Stick Evans (tympani)............. For the first time available on CD, this obscure and extremely rare album of Ray Barretto "El Watusi," with the sensational voice of Brook Peters and which was originally issued on Charlie Parker Records, is considered as a gem by Exotica / African / Latin Jazz music lovers. Ray Barretto is perhaps the greatest conga artist in the world today. He will not surprise his fans with his performances here. He is magnificent throughout the entire album. He plays with an authenticity he draws from the ethnic roots of music and provides us with the excitement of the music itself and the discovery of the roots of modern jazz. Film star Brock Peters is said to have one of the finest voices of his generation and is a multi-talent that is top drawer in whatever he does. He performed successfully in Duke Ellington’s Concerts of Sacred Music. His father was a Senegalese, and although Brock was born in New York City, out of the misted memories of his heritage has come the inspiration for this album....... 1. Sing A'Man (Peters-Lewis-Amsterdam) 2:12 2. Wide Dark Troubled Waters (trad.) 3:06 3. Papa Zimbi (trad.) 2:20 4. Go Round the Wall (Larue-Palmieri) 2:05 5. Way Yonder Far (Daniels-Fisher) 2:40 6. Gambler (Daniels-Fisher) 2:35 7. Igama La Bantwana (adapt. Fisher) 2:42 8. Mysterious Instinct (adapt. Fisher) 2:22 9. Water Bird (adapt. Fisher) 2:57 10. Sorrow Valley (Bobby Scott) 2:12 11. Or Three Farm (Bobby Scott) 2:55 12. Gonna Leave You Baby (Bobby Scott) 1:53 Recorded in the '60s.