Big Box Of-(6CDS) Rockabilly #1
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Big Box Of-(6CDS) Rockabilly #1
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  1. Chuck & Bill-Way Out There
  2. Ray Obison-Domino
  3. Jim Foster-Rad Roof Roadster
  4. Carl Perkins-Glad All Over
  5. The Collins Kids-Hoy Hoy
  6. Wanda Jackson-Funnel of Love
  7. Conway Twitty-Double Talk Baby
  8. Ben Hewitt-My Search
  9. Lee Denson-New Shoes
  10. Doug Harden-Dig That Ford
  11. Bobby Johnston-Flat Tyre
  12. Jerry Raines-Dangerous Redhead
  13. Hal Willis-My Pink Cadillac
  14. Gene Vincent-Race with the Devil
  15. Bill Sherell-Cadillac Baby
  16. The Stripes-Hot Rod
  17. Jack Earls-Let's Bop
  18. Frank Thayer-Long Grey Highway
  19. Johnny Redd-Take a Ride with Me
  20. Johnny Roanne-Drag Strip Baby
  21. Roy Moss-You're My Big Baby Now
  22. The Duals-Stick Shift
  23. Curtis Gordon-Mobile, Alabama
  24. Wanda Jackson-Rock Your Baby
  25. Royce Porter-Yes I Do
  26. Ivan-Real Wild Child
  27. Terry Nowland-Hypnotized
  28. Sleepy Labeef-Ride on Josephine
  29. Billy Riley-Trouble Bound
  30. Conway Twitty-Maybe Baby
  31. Roy Orbinson-Go!Go!Go!
  32. Billy Wallace-Burning the Wind
  33. Don Johnston-Born to Love One Woman
  34. Connie Dycus-Rock-A-Bye Baby Rock
  35. Thomas Wayne-You're the One That Done It
  36. Warren Smith-Rock'n'roll Ruby
  37. Bing Day-I Can't Help It
  38. George Jones-White Lightning
  39. Royce Porter-Good Time
  40. Jerry Lee Lewis-It'll Be Me
  41. Ben Hewitt-Whirlwond Blues
  42. George Jones-Maybe Little Baby
  43. Johhny Horton-The Woman I Need (Honky Tonk Mind)
  44. Warren Smith-Uranium Rock
  45. Carl Perkins-Pop, Let Me Have the Car
  46. Buddy Holly-Rock Around with Ollie Vee
  47. Walt Bentopn and the Snappers-Big Wheel
  48. Wade & Dick-Bop Bop Baby
  49. Don Johnston-Born to Love One Woman
  50. Hoyt Stevens-55 Chevy
  51. Pat Cupp-Long Gone Daddy
  52. Slick Slavig-Speed Crazy
  53. Hal Willis-My Pink Cadillac
  54. Ron Hargrave-Drive in Movie
  55. The Louvin Brothers-Red Hen Hop
  56. Ben Hewitt-You Break Me Up
  57. Jimmy Stevens-Scramble
  58. Billy Riley-Is That All to the Ball (MR Hall)
  59. Eddie Bond-Rockin Daddy
  60. Joyce Green-Black Cadillac
  61. Justin Tubb-Rock It on Down to My House
  62. Ray Campi-It Ain't Me
  63. George Jones-How Come It, Thumper
  64. Narvel Felts-Cry Baby Cry
  65. Conway Twitty-I Vibrate (From My Head to My Feet)
  66. George Jones-Who Shot Sam
  67. Hank Mizell-Jungle Rock
  68. Jerry Engler-Sputnik (Satellite Girl)
  69. Ray Burden-Hot Rodder's Dream
  70. Eddie Bond-Flip Flop Mama
  71. Sleepy Labeef-Turn Me Loose
  72. Janis Martin-Little Bit
  73. Sleepy Labeef-All the Time
  74. Johnny Lane-Rocking on the Dragstrip
  75. Gene Vincent-Pink Thunderbird
  76. Jim McCroy-Parkin' Lot
  77. Jackie Cray-Maybelle
  78. Sammy Masters-Pink Cadillc
  79. Jimmy Edwards-Love Bug Crawl
  80. The McCoys-Full Grown Cat
  81. Charlie Rich-Break Up
  82. Curtis Gordon-Sitting on Top of the World
  83. Jim Flaherty's Caravan-This Old Bomb of Mine
  84. Dick Glasser-Crazy Love
  85. Gene Summer-Fancy Dan
  86. Gene Vincent-Bluejean Bop
  87. Ronnie Self-Big Blon' Baby
  88. Dave "Diddle" Day-Blue Moon Baby
  89. Cecil Campbell-Rock & Roll Fever
  90. Eddie Cochran-Completely Sweet
  91. Hi-Liters-Dance Me to Death
  92. Curtis Gordon-Draggin'
  93. Don Woody-Bird-Dog
  94. The Phantom-Love Me
  95. Johnny Powers-Long Blonde Hair, Red Rose Lips
  96. Sonny Burgess-My Bucket's Got a Hole in It
  97. Jerry Lee Lewis-Ubangi Stomp
  98. Ray Smith-You Made a Hit
  99. Narvel Felts-My Babenarvel Felts
  100. Conny and the Bellhops-Shot Rod
  101. Eddie Cochran-20 Flight Rock
  102. The Berry Brothers-Hot Rod
  103. Ben Hewitt-I Ain't Givin Up Nothin
  104. Bill Allen-Please Give Me Something
  105. Roy Moss-You Don't Know My Mind
  106. Carl Perkins-Put Your Cat Clothes on
  107. Jimmy Carroll-Big Green Car
  108. Col Joye and the Joy Boys-Rocky Road Blues
  109. James Gallagher-Ford and Shaker
  110. Rudy Grayzell-Let's Get Wild
  111. Vince Taylor-Brand New Cadillac
  112. Red Foley-Hot Rod Race
  113. Ersel Hickey-Going Down That Road
  114. Johnny Jay-Sugar Doll
  115. Red Sovine-Juke Joint Johnny
  116. Billy Barrix-Cool Off Baby
  117. Gene Simmons-Drinkin' Scotch
  118. Hershel Almond-Let's Get It on
  119. Johnny Burnette Trio-Honey Hush
  120. Larry Terry-Hep Cat
  121. Steve Carl-Curfew
  122. The Rock-A-Teens-Janis Will Rock
  123. Wayne Raney-Shake Baby Shake
  124. Billy Mize-Solid Sender
  125. Johnny Horton-Honky Tonk
  126. Eddie Bond-Slip, Slip, Slippin in
  127. J.P. Richardson-Crazy Blues
  128. Jack Kitchen-Hot Rod Boogie
  129. Tommy Mitchell-Jukebox Help Me Find My Baby
  130. Janis Martin-Barefoot Baby
  131. Ronnie Self-Big Fool
  132. Conway Twitty-I Need Your Lovin
  133. Ben Hewitt-I Want a New Girl Now
  134. The Farmers Boys-My Baby Done Left Me
  135. Roy Moss-You Nearly Lose Your Mind
  136. Jerry Lee Lewis-Down the Line
  137. Benny Ingram-Jello Sal
  138. Johnny Bell-Flip, Flop & Fly
  139. Brenda Lee-Rock the Bop
  140. Lou Josie-Why Did You Leave Me?
  141. Mack Vickery-High School Blues
  142. Ronnie Hawkins-40 Days
  143. Eddie Bond-Bobbin Bonnie
  144. Bill Wallace-Burning the Wind
  145. George & Earl-Done Gone
  146. Howard w. Brady-Hot Rod Boogie
  147. Rocky Davis-Hot Rod Baby
  148. Jesse James-South's Gonna Rise Again
  149. Mel Robbins-Save It
  150. Skeets McDonald-You Oughta See Grandma Rock
  151. Pat Shannon-You're So Wild
  152. Ronnie Dawson-Rockin' Bones
  153. Curtis Gordon-Rock, Roll, Jump & Jive
  154. Tommy Mitchell-Little Mama
  155. Curtis Gordon-Draggin
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