Hunter Ivory Joe- Jumpin At The Dew Drop
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Hunter Ivory Joe- Jumpin At The Dew Drop
[ Aim1305 ]
Price: $10.00
60'S RECORDINGS AND LATE 40'S SIDES......... 1. I'm Coming Down With the Blues 2. Heartbreak Hill 3. Looking for the Girl Who's Looking for the Guy to Love 4. I'll Give You All Night to Stop 5. Empty Arms 6. It's All Right 7. Brenda Brown 8. Adios Senorita 9. Working on Me 10. Medley: I Almost Lost My Mind/Empty Arms 11. Jumpin' at the Dew Drop 12. High Cost Low Paid Blues 13. I Don't Love Her Any More 14. You Taught Me to Love 15. Tavern Swing 16. Ivory Joe's Boogie 17. Can I Help It 18. Stolen Moments 19. Cold Grey Light of Dawn 20. The Masquerade Is Over 21. Angles Sent You