James Etta- (USED) Queen Of Soul
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James Etta- (USED) Queen Of Soul
[ Kent377 ]
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This is the third in Kents series of expanded versions of albums by Etta James, one of the greatest and most influential recording artists of our times. Not previously available in its entirety on CD, 1964's aptly titled Queen Of Soul LP was produced in the main by Billy Davis, the A&R man who helped transform Chess Records from renowned purveyors of 1950s blues and R&B into one of the hippest soul outlets of the 1960s.The original 10-track album is bolstered with 14 bonus titles recorded between 1962 and 1965. Together they show Etta's many sides, from the punchy soul of Pay Back and Only Time Will Tell to gorgeously orchestrated revivals of jazz standards such as Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be), with a few Nashville-cut country tunes included for good measure................


1. Bobby Is His Name
2. I Wish Someone Would Care
3. That Man Belongs Back Here With Me
4. Somewhere Out There
5. Breaking Point
6. Flight 101
7. Loving You More Every Day
8. Do Right
9. I Worry About You
10. Mellow Fellow
11. You Got Me Where You Want Me
12. Only Time Will Tell
13. Pushover
14. You Can't Talk To A Fool
15. Would It Make Any Difference To You
16. Stop The Wedding
17. How Do You Speak To An Angel
18. Be Honest With Me
19. Pay Back
20. Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be)
21. Two Sides (To Every Story)
22. Tomorrow Night
23. I Can't Hold It In Anymore
24. I Won't Cry Anymore