Clarence Daniels Orchestra- Hard Workin'
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Clarence Daniels Orchestra- Hard Workin'
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West Coast big band R&B grooves and jazz jump..................Clarence Daniels and Obie Jessie's (YOUNG JESSE) 'Hard Workin' Girl' is one of the most in-demand R&B discoveries of the last few years, which has led to a reappraisal of bandleader Daniels' work for the Kent and Affiliated 45 labels. Although largely undocumented, bass player Daniels was a skilled arranger whose high quality big band worked the lounges of Los Angeles and Las Vegas..............

 1. Hard Workin' Girl
  2. Daddy's Got a Shotgun
  3. I Got a Good Thing Goin on
  4. I Got to Get Ready
  5. Baby I'm Gone
  6. Check Out Time
  7. Unknown Instrumental # 1
  8. I've Got My Walkin' Papers
  9. Will Never Let You Go
  10. Lonesome Shack
  11. What Can a Poor Boy Do
  12. And Then I'll Stay
  13. Unknown Instrumental # 2
  14. Baby I'm Gone
  15. Hard Workin' Girl (Take 1)
  16. You Dig It
  17. Do the Deal
  18. Cream Sherry
  19. Unknown Instrumental # 3
  20. Hello California
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