Bradford Alex- Too Close


1. Too Close To Heaven
2. Lord, Lord, Lord
3. He Lifted Me
4. I Don't Care What The World May Do
5. He Leads Me Safely Through
6. God Is All
7. Just The Name Of Jesus
8. Right Now
9. Don't Let Satan Turn You 'Round
10. Life's Candlelight
11. He'll Wash You Whiter Than Snow
12. Oh Lord, Save Me
13. Holy Ghost
14. Crossing Over Jordan
15. If Mother Knew
16. I Dare You
17. I Can't Tarry
18. Without A God
19. Safe In Jesus' Arms
20. The Meeting Ground
21. What Did John Do
22. There's Only One Way (To Get To Heaven)
23. What Folks Say About Me
24. The Truth Will Set You Free
25. God Searched The World
26. The Lifeboat
27. The Man Is Wonderful
28. Move Upstairs
29. This May Be The Last Time
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