Blacknell Eugene- We Can't Take Life For Granted
Bay Area guitarist and vocalist Eugene Blacknell was a protege of legenday musician JOHNNY HEARTSMAN and followed closely in his footsteps as a producer, musician and bandleader. This is the first collection of his recordings and covers a wide range of sounds from savage guitar instrumentals to heavy Bay Area funk. Extensive booklet with copious notes, pictures and memorabilia add value to this amazing set...... 1. Welcome Dudes and Dollies (Intro) 2. Jump Back- EUGENE BLACKNELL & THE SAVONICS 3. Mo Self- EUGENE BLACKNELL & THE SAVONICS 4. Cousin John 5. Gettin' Down- EUGENE & THE NEW BREED 6. Trip 7. I'm So Thankful Lucky 13 Radio Spot (Interlude) 8. Get a Hurry 9. I'm So Thankful [Remix] 10. Dance to the Rhythm [Remix] 11. We Know We Hate to Live Together [Remix] 12. We Know We Have to le Cordon Bleu Radio Spot (Interlude) 13. For the Sake of Love [#] 14. Jive Kinda Friends [#] 15. Hard Times [Remix] 16. Holdin' On [#] 17. We Can't Take Life for Granted [#] 18. Welcome Brothers and Sisters (Interlude) 19. Wahwah Funk [#] 20. Echo Reply (Interlude) 21. Space Funk [#] 22. Live [#] 23. Early Jam Session [#] 24. Don't Stop Now- EUGENE BLACKNELL & THE SAVONICS 25. Grov-Ve Mon-Key - FOUR RIVERS, WITH EUGENE & THE SAVONICS
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