Adams Arthur & Al King- Complete KENT & MODERN recordings

Finally a collection of these two talented West Coast artists 60's sides for KENT & MODERN........The US Kent and Modern labels recorded and released some of the finest blues and soul sides of the late 1960s. Only a fraction of what they recorded has ever been released on CD to date, but Ace aims to rectify that with a short series of compilations that will extensively digitize this end of the Bihari brothers' catalogue over the course of the next year or so......................Among the 22 tracks there are eight previously unissued performances, and seven completely unissued songs - a true treasure trove for all fans of late-era west coast blues...................

1. Al King - My Name Is Misery
2. Al King - Ain't Givin' Up Nothin'
3. Al King - Better To Be Yourself
4. Al King - It's Gettin' Late
5. Al King - The Thrill Is Gone
6. Al King - The World Needs Love
7. Al King - Lovin' You
8. Al King - Get Lost
9. Al King - Bad Understanding
10. Al King - I Still Care For You
11. Al King - Love, Love, Love
12. Al King - Without A Warning
13. Al King - Maybe My Last Song (Backing Track)
14. Arthur K. Adams - She Drives Me Out Of My Mind (Full Length Version)
15. Arthur K. Adams - Gimme Some Of Your Lovin'
16. Arthur K. Adams - I'm Lonely For You
17. Arthur K. Adams - Let Your Hair Down
18. Arthur K. Adams - I Need You (Slow Version)
19. Arthur K. Adams - You Make Me Cry
20. Arthur K. Adams - Let's Get Together - Take 2 - with Edna Wright
21. Arthur K. Adams - Is That You - with Mary Love
22. Arthur K. Adams - I Need You (Fast Version)

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