Walker Willie & The Butanes- Right Where I Belong
This CD, recorded in Minneapolis, is a truly wonderful listening experience. Yes, there are a few modest nods in the direction of the new millennium, but what you will hear when (not if!) you purchase this minor masterpiece is a perfect fusion of the different strands of 'The Memphis Sound' as honed to perfection by Stax, Goldwax and Hi. Much of the credit for this lies in the truly wonderful support provided by the Butanes, led by a marvellously empathetic and inventive guitarist called Curtis Obeda. Curtis wrote, produced and arranged this entire CD with drum, horn, guitar and organ charts that easily contend with the best I’ve ever heard in (gasp) over forty years of listening to 'real' soul and R&B. You will hardly believe your ears as your own personal laser beam converts those little digital signals into music. Yes, music. Real soul music. Steve Armitage - Blues & Rhythm magazine (UK) 1. I Don't Mind At All 2. We Gotta Put Out The Fire 3. Careless 4. No Longer For Me 5. Right Where I Belong 6. Give As Good As You Get 7.Sometimes Love's Not Enough 8. I Don't Know If I Can Make It Through 9. Change 10. Crying To Do 11. I Understand 12. Down For The Count 13. Ain't It Funny 14. I Feel It
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