West Coast Down Home Harmonica- 60's Blues Harmonica
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FINALLY BACK IN PRINT AGAIN!!!.............. This collection of 25 West Coast harmonica jams includes ALL of the 60's sides recorded by HARMONICA FATS with savage,rocking support as well as 7 previously un-reissued sides by George Harmonica Smith, including two fiery live recordings with Big Jay Mc Neely's band in 1964. Some of the most intriguing sides are by unknown artists who made a couple sides and then disappeared. Stormy Herman & His Midnight Ramblers and Ben Harper & the Cincos are amazing small combo sides with high register harp & funky band support. An added bonus is a Johnny Dyer single from 1979 with Jr. Watson featured on guitar and Pete "Guitar Lewis blowing the back off the harp on two wild sides from the 50's..............................

1.Hello Miss Sims- Garland The Great

2.Further On Up The Road- George Harmonica Smith(live w/ Big Jay McNeely Band)

3.You Don't Have To Go- George Smith(live w/ Big JayMcNeely)

4.Tore Up- Harmonica Fats

5.Mama Mama Talk To Your Daughter- Harmonica Fats

6.The Blues Is My Roots- George Smith

7.Highway 59- George Smith/ Dave Alexander

8.Sharp Harp- George Smith/Jack Dupree

9.Bad Luck- Stormy Herman & His Midnight Ramblers

10.The Jitterbug- Stormy Herman & His Midnight Ramblers

11.Here Comes My Gal- Ben Harper & The Cincos

12.How Low Is Low- Harmonica Fats

13.Sweet Chicago- Jimmy Slim

14.Leave My Woman Alone- Ace Holder

15.I Get So Tired- Harmonica Fats

16.My Woman Didn't Come Home- Harmonica Fats

17.Blues For Reverend King- George Smith

18.Stop Cheating On Me- Sir Arthur

19.Driveway Blues- Harmonica Fats

20.Sweet Pea- Sweet Pea Walker

21.Going Back Home- Harmonica Slim

22.Harmonica Boogie- Pete Guitar Lewis

23.Going Crazy- Pete Guitar Lewis

24.Juicy Harmonica- George Harmonica Smith

25.Slippin & Slidin- Johnny Dyer

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