Reed Eli "Paperboy" & The True Loves- Roll With You

Soul music circa 1968 had an honesty and appeal that spoke directly to your senses.......This group of 20 somethings has captured the vitality of good soul music with their current release. What they lack in finesse, they make up for with sheer enthusiasm.....Reed is a committed vocalist who brings real emotion to his singing and the band knows when to play and when to lay out........this is a refreshing release by a talented artist....... 1. Stake Your Claim 2. Am I Wasting My Time 3. It's Easier 4. The Satisfier 5. Take My Love With You 6. I'll Roll With You 7. She Walks 8. I'm Gonna Getcha 9. Won't Give Up Without A Fight 10. (Am I Just) Fooling Myself 11. (Doin' The) Boom Boom

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