Mannish Boys- Lowdown Feelin

THIS COULD BE THE BANDS BEST RELEASE YET.....FROM SWINGING COVERS OF T-BONE WALKER TO LOW DOWN GUT BUCKET HOWLIN WOLF SONGS, THIS CD ROCKS!!!!......FEATURING JUNIOR WATSON--KIRK ELI FLETCHER-- KID RAMOS-- LYNWOOD SLIM & BIG AL BLAKE......... 1. These Kind of Blues--BOBBY JONES vcl 2. Searchin' Blues- BOBBY JONES vcl 3. Low Down Feeling- FINIS TASBY vcl 4. Chocolate Drop- BOBBY JONES vcl 5. If the Washing Don't Get You, The Rinsing Will- FINIS TASBY vcl 6. Need My Baby- BOBBY JONES vcl 7. Same Thing- JOHNNY DYER vcl/hca 8. Woodchuck- BOBBY JONES vcl 9. Fine Lookin' Woman- LITTLE SAM DAVIS vcl/hca 10. You Don't Love Me 11. Figure Ahead- BOBBY JONES vcl 12. Rude Groove- RANDY CHORTKOFF vcl/hca 13. When I Leave- LITTLE SAM DAVIS vcl/hca 14. Good Times- JOHNNY DYER vcl/hca 15. Something's Wrong- FINIS TASBY vcl 16. Reet, Petite and Gone- PARIS SLIM vcl 17. Dead Letter Blues- BOBBY JONES vcl

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