Reid Clarence- Running Water

Snger/songwriter/producer Clarence Reid had multiple musical personalities. One was a Southern soul singer recording for Atlantic Records' Alston imprint. His charting singles were 1969's 'Nobody But You Babe'  1972's 'Good Old Days' & 1974's 'Funky Party'. He co-wrote hits for Betty Wright ('Girls Can't Do What The Guys Do'), & the million-selling 'Clean Up Woman.  In his other persona, he performed wild X-rated material under the pseudonym Blowfly............

1) Living Together is Keeping Us Apart
2) New York City
3) It’s Good Enough for Daddy
4) A Real Woman
5) Please Accept My Call
6) The Truth
7) Ruby
8) Love Who You Can
9) Please Stay Home
10) Like Running Water

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