Morgan Mike and The Crawl- Lowdown & Evil

This compilation of Morgan's recordings for the BLACKTOP label includes many of the great sides he recorded with LEE MC BEE as well as JIM SUHLER.  This could be the best record of this great band.......

1. I Don't Want You Hangin' Around (Live)
2. She's Taking Me To Heaven
3. You're On My Mind
4. Lowdown And Evil
5. Frankie's Blues
6. Where'd You Get Your Sugar From
7. Looky Here
8. I Just Want To Get To Know You
9. I'm Worried
10. You Ain't Like You Used To Be
11. Blue Cat Blues
12. I Gotta Leave
13. I Ain't Worried No More
14. Kiss Me Baby
15. Should've Done Better
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