Mabon Willie- Willie's Blues 1952-1957
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Although by no means a household name. Willie Mabon was a highly original R&B singer, pianist and songwriter. His early career based mainly in Chicago was very influential over certain developments in pop, soul and R&B music. Features all of his big blues hits of the 50s, such as "I Don't Know", "I'm Mad", "Poison Ivy" and his original version of Willie Dixon's "The Seventh Son" became an even bigger hit via artists like Mose Allison and Georgie Fame. Thanks to the beat boom of the 1960s. Willies popularity spread from the confines of the Chicago scene to Europe. Fully detailed liner notes cover his career and achievements................

1. I Don't Know
2. Worry Blues
3. I'm Mad
4. Got To Have It
5. Beggar Or Bandit
6. You're A Fool
7. Monday Woman
8. I Got To Go
9. Life Could Be Miserable
10. I'm Tired
11. Late Again
12. Poison Ivy
13. Say Man
14. Lonely Blues
15. Willie's Blues
16. Wow I Feel So Good
17. Someday You Will Have To Pay
18. He Lied
19. The Seventh Son
20. Lucinda
21. Knock On Wood
22. Light Up Your Lamp
23. Rosetta Rosetta
24. It's Gonna Hurt You
25. Got To Find My Baby

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