Morganfield Mud /Kim Wilson- Tribute To Muddy Waters

Another straight ahead blues release from Muddy's talented son.......No bs, no boasting no overplaying....just the good stuff played right............


  1 Gone to Main Street      
  2 Just To Be With You      
  3 I Don't Know Why      
  4 I Want You To Love Me      
  5 Still A Fool      
  6 My Dog Can't Bark      
  7 She's Got It      
  8 I Love the Life I Live, I Live the Life I Love      
  9 Blow Wind Blow      
  10 Nineteen Years Old      
  11 I Want To Be Loved      
  12 Trouble No More      
  13 I Just Want To Make Love To You      
  14 She Loves Me
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