Big Harp George- Wash My Horse In Champagne

 The second release from this bay area chromatic harp player and songwriter is a collection of well played and introspective songs of growing older and feeling better.  George Bisharat has had an amazing life and becoming a full time musician after retiring from Hastings Law School in Berkeley is another journey in his story.  His songs reflect an understanding that goes beyond the surface of life and his band is stellar.  Produced by Chris Burns at GREASLAND STUDIOS it features KID ANDERSEN & LITTLE CHARLIE on guitars and a KILLER band in support........

1. Home Stretch

2. Road Kill

3. Wash My Horse In Champagne

4. Cool Mistake

5. My Bright Future

6. I Ain't The Judge Of You

7. I Wasn't Ready

8. If Only

9. Light From Darkness

10. Mojo Waltz

11. What's Big

12. Size Matters

13. Justice In My Time!


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