Blake Big Al- Mr Blake's Blues (w/ Hollywood Fats Band)
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 We turned up some copies of this long out of print release on KIM WILSON'S Blue Collar label....One of the finest California blues records of the 90's, it features JUNIOR WATSON on guitar and the remaining original HOLLYWOOD FATS BAND members as well.  The songs are well written and the band is perfect.....sound quality is exceptional and the whole release is stunning....don't miss it!

 1. Old Time Boogie
  2. He Don't Love You
  3. Papa's Booogie
  4. Hoppin' Toad
  5. Shelby Ford Blues
  6. Leavin' California
  7. Rock Me Baby
  8. The Honeydripper
  9. Santa ana's Blowin'
  10. Jalopy To Drive
  11. A Rambler & A Rollin' Stone


  12. Easy (Very Greazy)
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