Dylan Bishop Band- The Exciting Sounds Of

This Texas based singer & guitarist lays down some tough twanging on his debut release.  Recorded at Fort Horton Studios and featuring guest appearances by JIMMIE VAUGHAN & DOUG JAMES the cd has a rough traditional sound similar to Nick Curran's early recordings. All but 4 songs are originals with tasty covers of Texas greats GOREE CARTER & RAY SHARPE included.............Thanks to Sonnyboy Mark at KNON for telling me about Dylan......

1. She's My Baby

2. What You Do To Me

3. I'm Not Ashamed

4. Your Natural Charms

5. Who's Been Peepin'

6. You're Playing Hookey

7. What You're Puttin Down

8. Bishop's Landing

9. Things Are Looking Up

10. Hey Baby

11. Traveling West

12. Monkey's Uncle

13. I'll Send You


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