East Coast Guitar Killers- Volume 1

Available again!!! A KILLER compilation of all of Bobby Parker's early recordings..............

A solid set of aggresive plank plunkers including blues guitar contorsionist WILD JIMMY SPRUILL....a real favorite here...........Most of his tracks appear to not have been issued digitally until now and the other players are great company to the Wildman.........Tarheel Slim- Bobby Parker and Larry Dale all put in solid electric guitar workouts that  entertain & amaze.................
1.  Watch Your Step- Bobby Parker
2.   Once Upon A Time, Long Ago, Last Night- Paul Williams Orch. w/ Bobby Parker gtr/vcl        
3.    Security- Tarheel Slim & Little Ann (Wild Jimmy Spruill gtr)
4.  Suggie Duggie Boogie Baby- Paul Williams Orch. w/ Bobby Parker gtr/vcl  
5.   Happy Organ- Dave Baby Cortez (Wild Jimmy Spruill gtr)
6.   Up Up Up- Paul Williams Orch.  (Bobby Parker gtr)
7.   You Got What It Takes- Bobby Parker
8.   Blues Get Off My Shoulder- Bobby Parker
9.    Steal Your Heart Away- Bobby Parker
10.  Hot Tamales- Noble “Thin Man” Watts (Jimmy Spruill gtr)
11.  Drafted- Wilbert Harrison (Wild Jimmy Spruill gtr)
12.   Rockin With B- B Brown & His Rockin McVouts (Wild Jimmy Spruill gtr)
13.   Boomerang- Cootie Williams Orch (Larry Dale gtr)
14.  Jersey City- Bobby Long (Wild Jimmy Spruill gtr)
15.   Titanic- Paul Williams Orch. w/ Bobby Parker gtr/vcl  
16.  It’s Too Late Darling- Bobby Parker
17.   Get Right- Bobby Parker
18. Since My Baby Hit The Numbers- Guitar Crusher (Jimmy Spruill Orch)
19.   Don’t Drive Me Away- Bobby Parker
20.  Rinky Dink- Cootie Williams Orch (Larry Dale/ Kenny Burrell gtr)
 21. Mashed Potatoes- Noble “Thin Man” Watts (Jimmy Spruill gtr)
22.  The Frog Hop- Noble “Thin Man” Watts (Jimmy Spruill gtr)
23.  Gimme A Little Lovin- Bobby Parker
24.   Ever Lovin Baby- Little Luther
25.   Original Boogie Woogie-  Noble “Thin Man” Watts (Jimmy Spruill gtr)
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