Desanto Sugar Pie- A Little Bit Of Soul 1957-62

This collection of the earliest 45s (Check- Veltone- Aladdin- Jody- Rhythm- Gedinsons) of the fabulous blues and soul singer also contains the full content of the LP she released on Checker Records in 1962. The LP consisted of tracks recorded for the famed Bay Area producer and writer, Bob Geddins. Sugar Pie DeSanto became a popular performer in the UK and across Europe and the photographs from some of those tours are featured on the cover of this superb set.

  1. Just A Few Little Words (Sugar Pie And Pee Wee)
  2. Let's Get Together (Sugar Pie And Pee Wee)
  3. If You Take Away Our Love (Sugar Pie And Pee Wee)
  4. Beautiful Love (Sugar Pie And Pee Wee)
  5. Stop Crying (Sugar Pie And Pee Wee)
  6. If I Had A Wishing Well (Paliya DeSantos)
  7. Darling Be Mine (Paliya & Alvin)
  8. One Two Let's Rock (Let's Rock And Roll) (Sugar Pie And Pee Wee)
  9. Nickel And A Dime (Pee Wee Kingsley ft Sugar Pie DeSanto)
  10. Flipping And A Floppin' (Pee Wee Kingsley ft Sugar Pie DeSanto)
  11. I Want To Know
  12. Baby It Ain't Right
  13. Wish You Were Mine
  14. Going Back Where I Belong
  15. A Little Taste Of Soul (w. Nat Hendrix Band)
  16. Strange Feeling (w. Nat Hendrix Band)
  17. Can't Let You Go
  18. It's Done And Forgotten
  19. It Won't Be Long
  20. Maybe You'll Be There
  21. I Don't Feel Sorry
  22. Tell Me What's The Matter
  23. The Twelfth Of Never
  24. It's Not For Me To Say
  25. I Still Care
  26. Ask Me
  27. Open Your Heart
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