Welch Monster Mike/ Mike Ledbetter- Right Place- Right Time

With over 25 years under his belt, Boston-based blues guitarist Monster Mike Welch is considered a seasoned veteran of the international blues scene at just a mere 37 years old. Adorned with the nickname Monster Mike by actor/comedian Dan Aykroyd at the tender age of 13, Welch has since carved out a successful living as a highly accomplished and in-demand guitarist.  Chicago's own Mike Ledbetter has had nothing short of a rich and multi-dimensional musical journey thus far. Before making a home in West Side Chicago and Memphis style blues, Ledbetter set his feet in various genres ranging from soul, gospel, pop, jazz, and even spent the better part of a decade performing on Chicago opera stages............Special guest LAURA CHAVEZ adds some fire to the proceedings.......

1 Cry for Me Baby
2 I Can't Please You
3 Kay Marie
4 I Can't Stop Baby
5 Down Home Girl
6 How Long Can This Go On
7 Big Mama
8 I'm Gonna Move to Another Country
9 Can't Sit Down
10 Cryin' Won't Help You
11 Goodbye Baby
12 Brewster Avenue Bump




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