Kokomo Kings- Too Good To Stay Away From

The KOKOMO KINGS first release Artificial Natural was a favorite here at bluebeatmusic for over a year.  With the flood of releases we listen to that is a real accomplishment & this 2nd release promises more of the same.  Featuring MARTIN ABRAHAMSON & HARMONICA SAM on vocals and the always tasteful RONNI BUSACK BOYSEN on guitar this uptempo romp of rockin blues & rock & roll shows they still have what it takes.  The musicianship is first rate and the songs have a sly, insinuating message that carries the performances beyond "just ok".........

1. Too Good To Stay Away From You

2. The River Turned To Steam

3. I Can't Go Home Looking Like This
4. She's Stealin' Candy
5. Pillow Of Gold
6. When I Tried To Think
7. Girl From The Moon
8. I'm Your Plumber
9. Silicone Brain
10. Standing In The Cold Rain
11. A Wasted Day Is Forever Lost
12. Need A Little Dirt (To Make The Grass Green)
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