Thomas Tabby & Lonesome Sundown- Down In Louisana
Two of the most popular 'second tier' artists of swamp blues are featured on this 28 track compilation. Both artists were involved for much of their career with famed Louisiana producer, Jay Miller and although neither artist ever enjoyed a national R&B chart hit, both enjoyed consistent sales and jukebox hits throughout the 50s and 60s..................
  1. Thinking Blues 
  2. Church Member's Ball 
  3. Tomorrow 
  4. Mmmmm I Don't Care 
  5. Don't Say
  6. Too Late Blues
  7. Brother Brown 
  8. So Hard To Bear 
  9. My Baby's Got It 
  10. Tomorrow I'll Be Gone
  11. Hoodoo Party 
  12. Roll On Ole Mule
  13. C.C. Rider 
  14. I'd Love To Tell 
  15. 'Popeye' Train 
  16. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
  17. Boogie Woogie Children (Hoodoo Party Alt Take) 
  18. Roll On Mule 
  19. Leave My Money Alone
  20. My Home Is A Prison 
  21. I'm A Mojo Man 
  22. Don't Go 
  23. You Know I Love You 
  24. Gonna Stick To You Baby
  25. Learn To Treat Me Better 
  26. My Home Ain't Here
  27. Lonesome Lonely Blues
  28. I'm Glad She's Mine 
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