The Paladins-(VINYL) New World

The collection was created & recorded at Thomas Yearsley’s Thunderbird Analog Recording Studio in Oceanside, CA – both locations: the original 8 Track & the new 24 Track studio. In addition to the traditional “House Rockin’ Blues” sound of The Paladins, this new record encompasses sincere geo-social lyrical reflection as well as killer instrumental composition. The lead track, “New World” was composed by Dave Gonzalez and Jeb Schoonover & contemplates a vision of a world that is changing................. 



1. New World

2. Waterman

3. Things Keep Changing

4. Mar Solitar

5. If You Were Only Mine


1. Wicked

2. Should Have Been Dreamin'

3. I Know When I'm Not Wanted

4. Magic Touch

5. Without Love

6. No Pain Anymore

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