Get Up Off Your Knees-(4CDS) NASTY BLUES & BOOGIE!!!

99 tracks of lewd- lacivious and downright slutty sides from the 20's thru the 60's................

Disc: 1
  1. Shave ?Em Dry: Papa Charlie Jackson
  2. I Want Plenty Grease in My Frying Pan: Margaret Carter
  3. Furniture Man Blues PTS 1 & 2: Lonnie Johnson/Victoria Spivey
  4. Aint Got Nobody to Grind My Coffee: Clara Smith
  5. Get Up Off Your Knees: Ethel Waters
  6. I?M Gonna Tell You in Front So You Won?T Feel Hurt Behind: Cow Cow Davenport
  7. I?M a Mighty Tight Woman: Sippie Wallace
  8. Coffee Grindin? Blues: Lucille Bogan
  9. I Found Your Keyhole: Al Miller
  10. Kitchen Man: Bessie Smith
  11. Dirty Butter: Minnie Wallace
  12. Blue Bloomer Blues: Whistlin Alex Moore
  13. You?Ve Got to Give Me Some: Margaret Webster
  14. My Man O? War: Lizzie Miles
  15. Wipe It Off: Lonnie Johnson
  16. Stinging Snake Blues: Madelyn James
  17. The Dirty Dozen No. 2: Speckled Red
  18. Show Me What You Got: Kansas City Kitty/Georgia Tom
  19. Doodle Hole Blues: Charlie Lincoln
  20. Electrician Blues: Lizzie Miles
  21. She Shook Her Gin: Barbecue Bob
  22. Fish House Blues: Kansas City Kitty/Georgia Tom
  23. Elevator Papa, Switchboard Mama: Butterbeans & Susie
  24. The Boy in the Boat: George Hannah
Disc: 2
  1. Whats That I Smell: Georgia Tom/Hannah May
  2. Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat: Hannah May
  3. Gas Man Blues: Mae Glover/John Byrd
  4. Banana in Your Fruit Basket: Bo Carter
  5. Shes Got Jordan River in Her Hips: R.T. Hanen
  6. Terrible Operation Blues: Georgia Tom/Jane Lucas
  7. The Best Jockey in Town: Lonnie Johnson
  8. Bed Spring Poker: Mississippi Sheiks
  9. How You Want It Done: Big Bill Broonzy
  10. Lollypop: Hunter & Jenkins
  11. Dont Give My Lard Away: James Stump Johnson
  12. In Here with Your Heavy Stuff: Isabel Sykes
  13. Southern Can Mama: Blind Willie McTell
  14. My Butcher Man: Memphis Minnie
  15. Dresser with the Drawers: Carl Rafferty
  16. (Whos Gonna Do Your) Sweet Jelly Roll: Whistling Rufus
  17. She Showed It All: Napoleon Fletcher
  18. Pipe Layin? Blues: St Louis Jimmy
  19. Steady Grindin? Blues: Dorothy Baker
  20. Bed Springs Blues: Jimmie Gordon
  21. I Let My Daddy Do That: Hattie Hart
  22. Mouse?S Ear Blues: Cliff Carlisle
  23. Mashing That Thing: Bo Carter
  24. Jockey Man Blues: Memphis Minnie
  25. Pig Meat Papa: Leadbelly
Disc: 3
  1. Shave ?Em Dry: Lucille Bogan
  2. I?M Gonna Shave You Dry: Walter Roland
  3. Sissy Man: Pinewood Tom (Josh White)
  4. The Hottest Stuff in Town: Bob Howe/Frankie Griggs
  5. Butcher Shop Blues: Bernice Edwards
  6. Lead Pencil Blues: Johnny Temple
  7. ?Cause You?Re Dirty: Kokomo Arnold
  8. I?M a Rattlesnakin? Daddy: Blind Boy Fuller
  9. You Got to Give Me Some of It: Buddy Moss
  10. Cigarette Blues: Bo Carter
  11. Take It Easy Greasy: Lil Johnson
  12. Ain?T That a Mess: Al Miller
  13. The Honeydripper: Roosevelt Sykes
  14. Sarah Jane: Jazz Gillum
  15. Think You Need a Shot: Walter Davis
  16. My Stove?S in Good Condition: Lil Johnson
  17. I Wonder Who?S Boogiein? My Woogie: John Oscar/Sam Theard
  18. Sweet Petuni: Jesse James
  19. Don?T Come Over: Stella Johnson
  20. Don?T Tear My Clothes No. 2: Chicago Black Swans
  21. Sweet Honey Hole: Blind Boy Fuller
  22. Love Operation: Barrel House Annie
  23. Bread Pan (Just My Size): Roosevelt Sykes
  24. She Squeezed My Lemon: Art McKay
  25. Carpenter Man Blues: Lee Brown
Disc: 4
  1. Let Me Squeeze Your Lemon: Charlie Pickett
  2. My Baby?S Playground: Roosevelt Sykes
  3. Keep on Eatin?: Memphis Minnie
  4. I?M Gonna Keep My Hair Parted: Washboard Sam
  5. What?S That Smells Like Fish: Blind Boy Fuller
  6. He?S Just My Size: Lillie Mae Kirkman
  7. She?S Got Good Dry Goods: Little Buddy Doyle
  8. Crawlin? King Snake: Tony Hollins
  9. Let Me Play with Your Poodle: Tampa Red
  10. My Bicycle Tillie: Bill Samuels
  11. I?m a Doctor for Women: Champion Jack Dupree
  12. Bed Springs Blues: Little Boy Fuller
  13. Boar Hog Blues: Ralph Willis
  14. Big Chested Mama TK 1: Sylvester Cotton
  15. Bed Springs Blues: Little Boy Fuller
  16. Pool Playing Blues: Amos Milburn
  17. I Knew He Would: The Sharps & Flats
  18. Don?T Come Too Soon: Julia Lee
  19. Lemon Man: Dan Pickett
  20. I?M Gonna Let Him Ride: Helen Humes
  21. My Daddy Was a Jockey: John Lee Hooker
  22. Too Much Jelly Roll: Floyd Dixon
  23. Ride, Daddy, Ride: Fats Noel
  24. The Walkin? Blues: Fluffy Hunter
  25. Work, Daddy, Work: Eunice Davies
  26. Loud Talkin? Woman: Helen Humes
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