Red Devils- The Return Of The Red Devils

It's hard to believe that it's been 25 years since the release of the Red Devils first recording KING KING.  These live recordings come from their recent tour of Europe in June of 2017 and feature Big Pete Van Der Pluum on vocals & harp as well as original guitarist Paul Size & Blasters drummer Bill Bateman.  The sound retains that raw aggressiveness that characterized their first record and feature lots of new original material as well as covers of Wolf, Walter, Bo & others......

1.Time To Cry

2. Mr. Highway Man

3. I Wish You Would

4. Blackwater Roll

5. She's Dangerous

6. Blue Light

7. Taildragger

8. Who Do You Love

9. Checkin Up On My Baby

10. No Fightin'

11. Devil Womanu

12. Automatic

13. Backstroke- You Were Wrong

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