Taylor Ted-(2CDS) Look Out!!

The early recordings (1957-1962) of this monster of blues & soul.  Raw early r&b from an artist that has been poorly served by reissue............up until now

Disc: 1
  1. Everywhere I Go
  2. If I Don't See You Again
  3. Keep Walking On
  4. Be Ever Wonderful
  5. Since You're Home
  6. Count The Stars
  7. Hold Me Tight
  8. I'm Saving My Love
  9. Chanta - Lula
  10. You've Been Crying
  11. Little Boy How Old Are You
  12. I Need You So
  13. Has My Love Grown Cold
  14. Look Out
  15. Push Push (As Austin Taylor)
  16. A Heart That's True (As Austin Taylor)
Disc: 2
  1. Darling Take Me Back
  2. Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
  3. I Lost The Best Things I Ever Had
  4. Someday (I Know, I Know)
  5. You Know I Do
  6. My Darling
  7. She's A Winner
  8. No Matter What You Do
  9. Never In My Life
  10. Little Things Mean A Lot
  11. My Days And Nights Are So Blue
  12. Pretending Love
  13. Don't Lie
  14. You Must Have Been Meant For Me
  15. Time Has A Way
  16. I'll Release You
  17. Can't Take No More
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