James Hunter Six- Whatever It Takes

For over a decade, James Hunter has recorded fresh and soulful sides with enthusiasm & conviction.  WHATEVER IT TAKES mines the pop/soul/blues groove of his previous DAPTONE release but digs deeper into the late 60's production sounds that producer BOSCO MANN has been mining for some of the DAPTONE artists over the past few years.  (Most notably the last couple SHARON JONES releases).  For blues lovers there is a blistering  guitar instrumental reminiscent of Johnny Guitar Watson...superb!

1. I Don't Wanna Be Without You
2. Whatever It Takes
3. I Got Eyes
4. MM-Hmm
5. Blisters
6. I Should've Spoke Up
7. Show Her
8. Don't let Pride Take You For A Ride
9. How Long
10. It Was Gonna Be You
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