Kid Ramos- Old School

OLD SCHOOL was made in two days at Big Jon Atkinson’s home studio in Hayward, California. It was recorded live to tape on two tracks using all analogue equipment, vintage microphones, and the brilliant recording techniques of Jon Atkinson.

OLD SCHOOL features some of Kid's friends..heavy hitters Kedar Roy on bass, Marty Dodson on drums, Bob Welsh on piano/organ, Danny Michel on 2nd guitar and  Kim Wilson.
1. Kid's Jump
2. All Your Love (Johnny Ramos vcl)
3. Tell Me What Ya Want (Johnny Tucker vcl)
4. Mashed Potatoes & Chili
5. Heartbeat
6. You Never Call My Name (Johnny Tucker vcl)
7. Anna (Johnny Ramos vcl)
8. Wes Side (Bumpin')
9. Mona Lisa
10. Jesus Come By Here (Johnny Tucker vcl)
11. I Can't Wait Baby (Johnny Tucker vcl)
12. Weight On My Shoulders (Jon Atkinson vcl)
13. High Society (Kim Wilson vcl)


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