Rockwell Avenue Blues Band- Back To Chicago

This collaborative effort between seasoned veterans of the Chicago blues scene captures today's best players showcasing their craft in a traditional session of originals.  Featuring STEVE FREUND- TAD ROBINSON & KEN SAYDAK, Back To Chicago captures a 3 day session produced by Dick Shurman in late 2017 with wonderful results. Each of these artists have had long careers in blues and their playing shows it. Never overplayed, with vocals shared equally throughout the set, this is how it should be done..........

1. Blues For Hard Times

2. Boogie In The rain

3. That Face

4. Free To Love Again

5. Lonesome Flight

6. Chariot Gate

7. We Believe

8. Stranger Blues

9. For A Reason

10. Rich Man

11. Hey Big Bill

12. Love Police

13. Back To Chicago

14. Have You Ever Told Yourself A Lie

15. Dream


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