Piano Red-(2CDS) Rockin With Red (Singles 1950-62)

One of  the greatest bar bands of them all - Dr Feelgood & The Interns or just plain Piano Red as he was originally known. Presented here are all of the singles, both sides, he released just as you would have found them on any jukebox from 1950 to 1962. Piano Red was a true original and of course another performer with a claim over "the first rock and roll record" with his debut double sided smash "Rockin' With Red" / "Red's Boogie", many years before Bill Haley hit the scene..................

Disc: 1
  1. Rockin' with Red
  2. Red's Boogie
  3. The Wrong Yoyo
  4. My Gal Jo
  5. Let's Have a Goodtime Tonight
  6. Diggin' the Boogie
  7. It Makes No Difference Now
  8. Hey Good Lookin'
  9. Just Right Bounce
  10. Jumpin' the Boogie
  11. Layin' the Boogie
  12. Baby What's Wrong
  13. Bouncin' with Red
  14. Count the Days I'm Gone
  15. The Sales Tax Boogie
  16. She Walks Right in
  17. Voo Doopee Doo
  18. Daybreak
  19. I'm Gonna Rock Some More
  20. Everybody's Boogie
  21. Your Mouth's Got a Hole in It
  22. Decatur Street Boogie
  23. Right and Ready
  24. Taxi, Taxi, 6963
  25. She Knocks Me Out
  26. Chitlin' Hop
  27. Big Rock Joe from Kokomo
  28. Decatur Street Blues
  29. Jump Man Jump
  30. Pay It No Mind
Disc: 2
  1. Six O'Clock Bounce
  2. Goodbye
  3. Red's Blues
  4. Gordy's Rock
  5. She Knocks Me Out
  6. Jumpin with Daddy
  7. You Were Mine for Awhile
  8. Woo-Ee
  9. Rock, Baby
  10. Wild Fire
  11. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
  12. Peachtree Parade
  13. Coo Cha
  14. South
  15. One Glimpse of Heaven
  16. Comin' on
  17. Get Up Mare
  18. So Worried
  19. This Old World
  20. I Feel Good
  21. Talk to Me
  22. Believe in Me
  23. Guitar Walk
  24. I've Been Rockin'
  25. Rockin' with Red
  26. So Shook Up
  27. Doctor Feel-Good
  28. Mister Moonlight
  29. Right String But the Wrong Yo-Yo
  30. What's Up, Doc
  31. The Same Old Things Keep Happening
  32. Let's Have a Good Time Tonight
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