The Night Train #2- Rare Blues-R&B- Soul for the Dance Floor

This is the second volume in a new series of CDs that charts the evolution of soul music across America through genres like R&B, blues and proto soul spanning the fifties and early sixties. This authoritative series captures the true spirit of proto soul and documents its historical significance. The music reflects those sounds that after sixty plus years or more still burn up the dance floor across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. Get on board the Night Train again and check out Jasmines second batch of passengers and strut your stuff to the likes of Jimmy Rogers, Big Maybelle, Dave Bartholomew, Jimmy Nolen plus many more. Fully detailed liner notes covering the artists and the music.........

  1. Harold Jackson and the Jackson Brothers - The Freedom Riders
  2. Eddie Banks with the Five Dreamers - Sugar Diabetes
  3. Ricky Rezell - What You Bet
  4. Dobie Hicks - Where Is She
  5. Larry Bright - Bloodhound
  6. Gil Bernal - the Dogs
  7. Jimmy Dotson and the Blue Boys - Looking for My Baby
  8. Jimmy Rogers - What Have I Done
  9. Johnny Two-Voice - Superman
  10. The Moroccos - Muzik Megaton
  11. 'Cile Turner - Crap Shootin' Sinner
  12. Curtis Byrd and the Joe-Rag Singers - Pretty Woman
  13. The Newports - Dixie Women
  14. Dave Bartholomew - The Monkey
  15. Jimmy Nolen - The Way You Do
  16. Faye Adams - Johnny Lee
  17. Mary Ann Fisher - Put on My Shoes
  18. Paul Perryman - Keep a 'Calling
  19. Bobby Mitchell - Well, I Done Got Over It
  20. Lenny Johnson - Honey Bee
  21. Miss Ann Fleming - You're Just One Man
  22. Anna Belle Caesar - I've Got a Man
  23. The Chellows - Be My Baby
  24. The Ascots - She Did
  25. Big Maybelle - Going Home Baby
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