Peppermint Harris-(2CDS) I Got Loaded 1948-1959

Peppermint Harris was a true original with a brilliant way with words which made him a superlative songwriter having man of his compositions recorded by top blues artists such as B.B. King and Bobby Bland. This is a must for blues fans and across the 56 tracks, there are many superb tracks as well as his two hits "Raining In My Heart" which reached #4 in the 1950 R&B chart and more importantly the classic drinking song "I Got Loaded" which hit the #1 spot for two weeks in 1951. Although this excellent 2CD set is by no means the complete it does present the most comprehensive exploration of his work between 1948 and 1959............

Disc: 1
  1. Peppermint Boogie
  2. Houston Blues
  3. Raining in My Heart
  4. My Blues Have Rolled Away
  5. This Is Goodbye Baby
  6. Mabel, Mabel
  7. Texarkana Bound
  8. Fat Girl Boogie
  9. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
  10. Hey Sweet Thing
  11. Oo-Wee Baby
  12. Reckless Lover
  13. I'm Telling You People (Times Are Getting Hard)
  14. How Long Must I Suffer (For the One Mistake I Made)
  15. Let's Ride
  16. The Blues Pick on Me
  17. I Always End Up Blue
  18. I Screamed and I Cried
  19. She's My Baby
  20. I Wake Up Screaming
  21. Got a Big Fine Baby
  22. I Will Always Think of You
  23. These Are My Blues
  24. Evil Woman Blues
  25. Too Late to Worry
  26. Oh, I Got the Blues
  27. Please Tell Me Baby
Disc: 2
  1. Gonna End My Worries
  2. I Want to See You Baby
  3. I'm Writing You Baby
  4. It's You, Yes, It's You
  5. I Got Loaded
  6. Wasted Love
  7. I Sure Do Miss My Baby
  8. I Never Get Enough Out of You
  9. Have Another Drink and Talk to Me
  10. Middle of Winter
  11. P. H. Blues
  12. Let the Back Door Hit You
  13. I Cry for My Baby
  14. Hey, Little Schoolgirl
  15. There's a Dead Cat on the Line
  16. Right Back on It
  17. Maggie's Boogie
  18. Goodbye Blues
  19. Three Sheets in the Wind
  20. Bye, Bye, Fare Thee Well
  21. Black Cat Bone
  22. Treat Me Like I Treat You
  23. Cadillac Funeral
  24. Need Your Lovin'
  25. Just Me and You
  26. I Don't Care
  27. Love at First Sight
  28. Messing Around with the Blues


  29. You Got Me Wonderin'
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