BB & The Blues Shacks- Reservation Blues

We have a limited supply of this European import.  The Blues Shacks return to their strength on this latest release.  Blues- shuffles & rockers have always been their strong suit and this collection of originals is a testament to that.  Michael Arlt's vocals & harp are strong & natural and brother Andreas never uses his instrument for guitar grandstanding instead playing the distorted chords & leads of earlier masters of the sound.  As Howard Tate says, get it while you can!..............

1. Reservation Blues

2. Lay Some Shuffle Down

3. Mad About You

4. I Can't Go On

5. Year Of Strife

6. From Now On

7. Angry Cat

8. Not Much To Lose

9. Honeycomb

10. All About That

11. My Time Ain't Long

12. Little Secrets

13. Things Won't Change

14. Why Can't I Go Home


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