Little Victor- Deluxe Lo-Fi

It's been 7 years since Little Victor had a new release and this cd captures the sound he has become known for.  The first 12 tracks were recorded at TOMI LEINO's  Supravox studio in Finland and feature LITTLE VICTOR & JO BUDDY as the "distorted duo."  The sound is raw and basic with a rough lo-fi edge and the original songs have a fresh "off the wall" approach.  A few of the recordings were done at BIG JON ATKINSON'S Bigtone studio with guests KIM WILSON - CARL SONNY LEYLAND & STEVE LUCKY. 

1. My Mind

2. Graveyard Boogie

3. I Done Got Tired

4. This Letter

5. Slow Down Baby (feat. Steve Lucky)

6. What Kind Of Girl Are You (feat. Tomi Leino)

7. Some Ole Day

8. I Wanna Make You Mine

9. Too Late Baby

10. Rocks

11. So Blue

12. Whats The Matter Now (feat. Jo Buddy)

13. Gamblers Boogie (feat. Danny Michel)

14. Chicago Moan Blues (feat. Harpdog Brown)

15. Rockin Daddy (feat. Big Jon Atkinson & Carl Sonny Leyland)

16. Country Boy (feat. Kim Wilson & Big Jon Atkinson)

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