Turner Ike- Blues King Pins

These are the early Modern label sides with tough Mississippi boogie sounds throughout. It also features some of Ike's wildest guitar pyrotecnics including the amazing guitar workout "All the Blues All The Time".........  

1. Troubles & Heartaches 2. You're Driving Me Insane 3. Looking For My Baby- BONNIE & IKE 4. My Heart Belongs To You- BONNIE & IKE 5. Way You Used To Treat Me 6. Love Is Scarce 7. Loosely 8. Night Howler-BILLY GAYLES 9. Cubano Jump 10. Early Times- DENNIS BINDER 11. Go To It 12. Nobody Wants Me- DENNIS BINDER 13. Cuban Get Away 14. Why Don't You Believe Me-CLAYTON LOVE 15. All The Blues All The Time 16. Can't See You Baby-JW WALKER (BIG MOOSE) 17. The World Is Yours- JOHNNY WRIGHT 18. Prancing

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