Moore Johnny & The 3 Blazers-(3CDS)  1945-1955
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Moore Johnny & The 3 Blazers-(3CDS) 1945-1955
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This 3-CD set comprises selected sides for the Atlas, Philo, Aladdin, Modern, Exclusive, RCA and Hollywood labels in chronological order.  It features all their career hits, as well as their many recordings with Charles Brown before he embarked on a successful solo career, featured vocalists include Ivory Joe Hunter, Floyd Dixon, Billy Valentine, Lee Barnes, Mari Jones and Frankie Ervin. It's a very classy and entertaining cross-section of their work across their various different line-ups.................

Disk 1
1 Maureen -Vocal by Frankie Laine
2 Blues At Sunrise- Ivory Joe Hunter 
3 You Taught Me To Love You (But Not To Forget) - Charles Brown
4 Lost In The Night-  Charles Brown
5 B-Sharp You'll See
6 C.O.D. - Charles Brown
7 Hard Tack
8 Pasadena
9 It Ain't Gonna Be Like That- Frankie Laine
10 My Silent Love- Charles Brown
11 Baby Don't You Cry- Charles Brown
12 Drifting Blues- Charles Brown
13 Blazer's Boogie
14 Melancholy Madeline- Frankie Laine
15 Fugue in C Major
16 Tell Me You'll Wait For Me- Charles Brown
17 You Are My First Love - Charles Brown
18 Till The Real Thing Comes Along- Charles Brown
19 Travelin' Blues- Charles Brown
20 It's The Talk Of The Town- Charles Brown
21 What Do You Know About Love - Charles Brown
22 Nutmeg
23 How Deep Is The Ocean- Charles Brown
24 So Long - Charles Brown
Disk 2:
1 You Won't Let Me Go- Charles Brown
2 You Showed Me The Way- Charles Brown
3 More Than You Know- Charles Brown
4 Sail On Blues- Charles Brown
5 Blue Because Of You-  Charles Brown
6 Make Believe Land- Charles Brown
7 If You Should Ever Leave- Charles Brown
8 Sunny Road- Charles Brown
9 Way Over There By The Cherry Tree- Charles Brown
10 (Was I To Blame For) Falling In Love With You- Charles Brown
11 Gloria- Charles Brown
12 New Orleans Blues- Charles Brown
13 I Love To Make Love To You- Charles Brown
14 Juke Box Lil- Charles Brown
15 It's Over- Charles Brown
16 Changeable Woman Blues - Charles Brown
17 St. Louis Blues- Charles Brown
18 Merry Christmas, Baby- Charles Brown
19 Soothe Me - Charles Brown
20 Groovy Movie Blues- Charles Brown
21 Don't Get Salty, Sugar - Charles Brown
22 You Better Change Your Way Of Lovin' (Before The Well Runs Dry)- Charles Brown
23 Jilted Blues- Charles Brown
24 Lonesome Blues- Charles Brown
25 Tomorrow - Charles Brown
26 So There- Charles Brown
Disk 3:
1 Any Old Place With Me - Charles Brown
2 Cold In Here- Charles Brown
3 I Hate Myself - Charles Brown 
4 If I Had You- Charles Brown 
5 Love Me Tonight - Charles Brown
6 Where Can I Find My Baby - Charles Brown
7 Snuff Dippin' Mama- Charles Brown
8 B & O Blues- Charles Brown 
9 Blues for What I've Never Had- Lee Barnes
10 A New Shade of Blues
11 Bop-A-Bye Baby
12 Walking Blues - Billy Valentine
13 Rock With It - Billy Valentine
14 Cut Off The Fat (Take Out The Bone)- Billy Valentine
15 Rain Chick - Billy Valentine
16 Jumping Jack - Billy Valentine
17 Telephone Blues-  Floyd Dixon 
18 Unlucky Girl - Mari Jones
19 You Played Me For A Fool- Floyd Dixon 
20 Gee It's Rough - Mari Jones
21 Lonesome Train- Mari Jones
22 Too Late - Mari Jones
23 Dragnet Blues - Frankie Ervin
24 Blues In My Heart
25 Johnny Ace's Last Letter- Frankie Ervin