Santana Andy- Take Me With You
Andy Santana has been a fixture on the California blues/r&b scene for almost 30 years. From his early work with the SOUL DRIVERS to his collaborations with the WEST COAST PLAYBOYS, he has always maintained a strong sense of what is right for a song. Andy brings a natural vocal sound along with excellent harp & guitar playing to his latest effort that covers the spectrum from hard core blues to straight up soul......... 1 Take Me With You 2 Give a Dog a Bone 3 Let Yourself Go 4 Bay Come to Papa 5 So Many Ways 6 No Naggin No Draggin 7 Hey Lets Party 8 Ballad of a Thin Man 9 I Believe I'll Give it Up 10 Soul Shadows 11 Hot Spot 12 You're the One 13 Can't Stop Thinking of You
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