Nolen Jimmy- Before The Funk

WOW!!! This set has almost all of Jimmy Nolen's blues & R&B recordings before joining the James Brown Band.....  Awesome guitar tone & tasty blues sounds makes this a favorite here.........

1. Movin On Down The Line

2. The Way You Do

3. It Hurts Me Too

4. How Fine Can You Be

5. Slow Freight Back Home

6. Let's Try Again

7. I Can't Stand You No More

8. You've Been Goofin

9. Strawberry Jam

10. The Lost Train

11. Strollin With Nolen

12. After Hours

13. I Used To Love A Woman

14. Strollin With Nolen (alternate)

15. Don't Leave Me No More

16. Strangest Blues

17. Wipe Your Tears

18. Jimmy's Jive

19. Come On Home


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