Kid Ramos- Two Hands One Heart
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Featuring JANIVA MAGNESS & LYNWOOD SLIM, this set was originally released in the early 1990's......Strong aggressive playing along with wonderful bluesy vocals, this set features 3 ALTERNATES not included on the original BLACK MAGIC/ BLACKTOP release...........

1. I Can't Stop It- LYNWOOD SLIM (vcl)
2. Everything I Do Is Wrong- LYNWOOD SLIM (vcl)
3. You Don't Love Me- LYNWOOD SLIM (vcl)
4. So Good To My Baby- JANIVA MAGNESS (vcl)
5. Done Deal
6. Baby Look At You- LYNWOOD SLIM (vcl)
7. I Was A Fool- LYNWOOD SLIM (vcl)
8. If You Don't Think I'm Sinking- LYNWOOD SLIM (vcl)
9. Two Hands One Heart
10. You Don't Know- LYNWOOD SLIM (vcl)
11. It's Been A Long Time- JANIVA MAGNESS (vcl)
12. Win With Me- LYNWOOD SLIM (vcl)
13. Just like A Woman
14. Ain't Gonna Quit You Baby- JANIVA MAGNESS (vcl)
15. Tell Me What's The Reason- LYNWOOD SLIM (vcl)
16. Roll Mr. Jelly- LYNWOOD SLIM (vcl)

17. Everything I Do Is Wrong (Alternate)

18. Win With Me (Alternate)

19. You Don't Know (Alternate)

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