Piazza Rod & Mighty Flyers- Emergency Situation

Another KILLER release from this veteran band of So-Cal monsters........Featuring Henry Carvajal on guitar and the solid keyboards of Miss Honey...Great R&B songs and exciting blues sounds from this BLUEBEAT MUSIC favorite......Combining some smoking original tracks with obscure gems from R&B masters like Lee Dorsey, Jimmie Rogers, James Wee Willie Wayne and Amos Milburn, Rod and the Flyers amply demonstrate on 'Emergency Situation' why they have risen to their position in the top ranks of blues acts. They've won numerous honors (including four Blues Music Awards for 'Band of the Year' and thirty-three BMA nominations), played literally thousands of gigs around the world, recorded over a dozen highly acclaimed releases, and along the way virtually created a new style of blues - a combination of low-down Chicago grit, suave West Coast swing and jazz, and the rhythmic drive of the best early R&B and rock & roll........

1. Neighbor, Neighbor
2. Emergency Situation
3. Milk And Water
4. Frankenbop
5. Bad Weather Blues
6. Gambling Woman
7. Sleeping In The Ground
8. Tricky Woman
9. The Clock
10. Ya-Ya
11. Colored Salt


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