Early R&B Divas- Volume Two

Spin presents "Early R&B Divas, Vol. 2," another 24-track collection of hard-to-find 1945-58 recordings, including...
1. EE-BOBALIBA Teddy Bunn's Group (vcl. Monette Moore) Gilt-Edge 532
2. LOW GRAVY Claude Hopkins Quartet (vcl. Rena Collins) Rainbow 10035
3. OOH-WEE Kitty White with Orch. (Capitol 70061)
4. DON'T MARRY TOO SOON Jewel King (Imperial 5055)
5. LOVE POISONED Kay Thomas with Maxwell Davis & Orch. (Black & White 783)
6. WAITING IN VAIN Little Miss Cornshucks & Her All Stars (3126)
7. PHONE ME BLUES La Melle Prince with Maxwell Davis Band (3067)
8. MAMBO BLUES Effie Smith & Johnny Criner (Rhythm and Blues 103)
9. I DON'T DIG THAT AT ALL Louise Williams (Apollo 482)
10. YOUNG MAN BLUES Paul Williams & His Orch. (Mercury 89048)
11. ALL BY MYSELF Helen Thompson (States 126)
12. AM I ASKING TOO MUCH? Doris Browne with Doc Bagby Orch. (Gotham 7303)
13. GET OFF MY WAGON Linda Hopkins with Red Callender Orch. (Forecast 5002)
14. DO WHAT YOU WANT WITH ME Joan Shaw with Blues Express Orch. (Gem 212)
15. RING-ALING-ALING Barbara Black (Guyden 200)
16. MAD NERVOUS WOMAN Jewell Gilbert with Mac McCray's Band (Hi-Po 1002)
17. DON'T TOUCH ME Jo Willette (Money 222)
18. THE RIVER Patty Ann with Maxwell Davis All-Stars (Aladdin 3145)
19. GREEN LIGHT BABY Hattie Green (Angle Tone 1081)
20. DON'T 'CHA LOVE ME? Effie Smith & the Swingmen (Aladdin 3202)
21. SO LONG GOOD-BYE JOE Barbara Gale (Lloyds 107)
22. I CRIED THE LAST TIME Baby Dee (Zebra 120)
23. CHEATING BLUES Rose Marie McCoy with George Kelly Orch. (Wheeler 102)
24. I'M GLAD YOU'RE LEAVING ME Dorothea Fleming with Danny Small Orch. (Jaguar 3009)

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