Shakedown Tim & The Rhythm Revue- Shakedowns Thowdown

Produced  by James Harman, (who also blows harp & shouts a lot) this release also features pianist Gene Taylor on a varied set of blues & jump with a strong contemporary West Coast feel.  Tim Ielegems is a talented and resourceful guitarist who uses the instrument as a compliment to the many original songs on this import.  Recorded at SPUTNICK STUDIOS, this set will blast you outta this world!!

1. Drop You Like A Bad Habit
2. Junior's Mambo
3. Icepick's Shakedown Th'owdown
4. Did The Best I Could
5. The Way It's Gonna Be
6. No More Fightin'
7. Rollin' On
8. Drop You Like A Bad Habit (lowdown version)
9. I Will Unfriend You
10. I Wanna See You Baby
11. Blues After Hours 
12. Let's Get A Life
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