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This collection of songs comes from three different recording sessions over the past few years.  The first two tracks are from a session in Austin Texas featuring the late NICK CURRAN as well as the amazing and eclectic JOHNNY MOELLER.  Most of the others were recorded at GREASELAND STUDIOS in California or BARKING JACK STUDIO in Minnesota.  The roster reads like a who's who of contemporary blues with appearances by KID ANDERSEN- RUSTY ZINN- LITTLE FRANK- JEREMY JOHNSON & JON LAWTON as well as support from NICK CONNOLY- JUNE CORE- RONNIE JAMES- BOB WELSH & WES STARR & many more.  As usual, RJ plays it straight with unforced & relaxed vocals and harp that fits the song. (Athough KALAMAZOO KICKER is a harp lover's dream!)

1. If You Leave Your Man For Me

2. Tattered & Worn

3. You Can't Hurt Me Anymore

4. The Swag

5. Gimme Some

6. The Night Caller

7. Country Shakedown

8. Short Leg

9. Communication

10. The Kalamazoo Kicker

11. Dollar General

12. JF Harmonica Boogie

13. Sneezers Blues

14. Might Be Your Woman

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