Gulf Coast Girls- Miss Lavelle- Carol Fran- Irma Thomas
This music, sometimes called "Swamp Pop" was popular in Louisiana and Texas and their neighbouring states and for a brief period broke into the American pop charts in the late 50's.  Many of these songs are making their first digital appearance and all are examples of the wide range of sounds from the Gulf Coast & New Orleans.  Fully detailed notes spell out the unique qualities of this music and these artists..........
  1. I Want You to Love Me - Katie Webster & Ashton Conroy
  2. Baby, Baby - Katie Webster & Ashton Conroy
  3. If (I Could Be with You) - Miss Lavelle
  4. Sea of Love - Katie Webster with the Songettes
  5. Stop These Teardrops - Miss Lavelle
  6. Open Arms - Katie Webster
  7. Yes, I've Been Crying - Miss Lavelle
  8. Nobody Knows How I Feel About You - Martha Carter
  9. One More Chance - Carol Fran
  10. I'm Through Crying - Martha Carter
  11. Stolen Love - Miss Lavelle
  12. Down By the Sea - Margo White with the Cup Cakes
  13. I Done Got Over It - Irma Thomas
  14. Love (Is Just a Chance You Take) - Barbara George
  15. Cry on - Irma Thomas
  16. Just Look at You Fool - Miss Lavelle
  17. You Had Your Chance - Margo White
  18. Little Willie - Berna-Dean
  19. The Great Pretender - Carol Fran
  20. You Don't Love Me Like You Used to - Big Martha
  21. He's Mine - Berna-Dean
  22. Send for Me (If You Need Some Lovin') - Barbara George
  23. Second Fiddle Girl - Barbara Lynn
  24. After a Night Out - Carol Fran
  25. One Gal in Town, Five Men Hanging Around - Berna-Dean
  26. I Did My Part - Irma Thomas
  27. Lonely Heartache - Barbara Lynn
  28. The Recipe (For Perfect Fools) - Barbara George
  29. I'm Sorry I Met You - Barbara Lynn
  30. Whispering Wind - Berna-Dean
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